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wears a device that will measure the distance between him and other objects around it
have a communication protocol that will get real-time distance of these SPACS devices
vehicles can be automatically warned / stopped based on SPACS

Smart Pedestrian Anti-Collision System (SPACS)

Today, 90% of collisions are caused by human errors and currently car crashes kill more than 3,000 people a day. Definitely we must do something about it. As we're heading into a car driverless world, incidents will occur on a higher rate if we will not build up a more future safer environment.

Intelligent cars will have cameras and sonars but unfortunately also "cannot detect all pedestrians in darkness/at night or partially hidden pedestrians, people who are less than approx. 32 in. (80 cm) tall, or people wearing clothing that obscures the contours of their bodies."

Spacs (Smart Pedestrian Anti-Collision System) will add an extra safely layer for pedestrians and will continuously send their position parameters so vehicles can be warned and automatically stop, avoiding unwanted collisions.

Spacs could be integrated into wearable devices but also into the traffic lights systems. In case of unwanted situations, any incident will be automatically reported to the nearest doctor, using the Azure Cloud and city's emergency system integration.

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